Reduce Processing Fees

With Cash Discount Platform

The Cash Discount program from Soram Merchant Solutions is designed to encourage customers to pay by cash.

Reduce Processing Fees with Cash Discount Platform!

The Cash Discount program from Soram Merchant Solutions is designed to…

…encourage customers to pay by cash. As part of the regular standard list product pricing, a small service charge is applied to all sales. A discount is automatically applied when customers pay with cash. No discount is given when paying by bank credit card. You see your credit card fees dramatically reduced with only a small technology fee to pay at the end of the month. With the aid of a cash discount program, you would be able to eliminate up to 90 percent of your processing fees. Cash discount programs are not credit card surcharges because there is no fee added to a credit card transaction. With one low, flat amount paid by the customer per processing transaction, you will keep 100% of the sale and pay no processing fees! If you are not happy with the program, no worries. Send me a simple email and we can turn off the service fee option.

This program is a way for merchants to offset most of the cost of their processing fees. Merchants implement a service fee that applies to all products, and then give a discount to customers who choose to pay with cash. Customers who pay with cash will avoid the additional fees and all others will see a line item added to their receipt. To start using Cash Discount, merchants must post signage alerting customers about the fee applied to all items, and also update their terminal application to add the appropriate fee to credit transactions.

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