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Virtual Payment Terminals 

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Paytrace B2B & B2G


Our payment gateway software creates a Zen-like hum in B2B and B2G offices. We’ve turned payment processing into a stress-relieving activity. Using a platform optimized for interchange lowers your credit card processing costs and saves time. Sit back and relax while processing Level II and Level III transactions.

User Experience 

  • Payment cart
  • Bill presentment
  • Recurring billing
  • Multiple reporting options
  • Website payments
  • Secure customer storage vault
  • Fraud tools
  • Associate multiple accounts


  • Integrated partnerships
    Developer-friendly API with numerous integrated 3rd party solutions, streamlining your work flow, while increasing available features and functionality.
  • Time savings
    Our platform identifies which transactions benefit from adding Level II and Level III data, intelligently calculating and pre-populating fields.
  • Interchange savings
    Visa and MasterCard generally charge a lower interchange rate for Level II and Level III transactions. We make it easy to add additional data that’ s required for these transactions.
  • 5-star service
    You won’t find better service for payment software anywhere else.

Payment Solutions

Point of Sale

Make it easy for your customers to pay with innovative POS Systems.

Mobile Processing

Accept payments no matter where you and your business travel.

Wireless Terminals

Ask about our selection of wireless payment terminals.

Virtual Terminal

Reach Customers all over the world with a virtual payment terminal.

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